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Advantages of Using Hydrovac for Daylighting

Hydrovac technology has many uses across different projects—from excavation to trenching and industrial cleaning to potholing. Daylighting is just one of the many processes hydrovac is best for for several reasons. Below is a list of advantages of using hydrovac technology for daylighting so you can better understand what hydrovac is and how it can be useful on your next daylighting project.

Daylighting is the process of exposing underground utility lines so they can be marked to avoid during excavation or repaired if they are damaged. Previously, this process required meticulous digging either slowly but surely by hand or at risk of damages using an excavator. Now, with hydrovac technology, this process is faster, less risky, and altogether easier. Here’s why.

Benefits of Hydrovac for Daylighting

These are four benefits of using hydrovac as an alternative to hand digging or other excavation equipment for daylighting utility lines. While there are many other benefits, we believe these are the most important to note.

It’s Faster

As mentioned, daylighting used to mostly involve hand-digging by shovel because using any other kind of machinery risked an accidental strike to the utility line that was to be exposed. Of course, manual digging is a long, labor-intensive process, and requires more time and more man power.

With hydrovac, time is cut in half and the risk of striking a line is virtually eliminated because of the use of pressurized water. The water blasts away dirt and debris while the vacuum hose sucks away the sludge. You are left with a cleanly exposed utility line, undamaged and in half the time.

It’s Safer

The hydrovac process typically only requires one truck and a team of one or two technicians to get the job done, regardless of what the job is. Because there are less people on the site, and no need for heavy machinery, daylighting by hydrovac is a much safer process. There is less risk of on-site injury, and there is less of a chance that any materials, including the utility lines, will be damaged.

It’s More Productive

As mentioned, the process of daylighting using hydrovac technology requires less man power and usually just one or two certified technicians. This means that there are more hands to help with other projects on your site and you don’t have to dedicate as many resources to helping dig. This allows for the project to move faster, more efficiently, and more productively.

It’s Versatile

Because hydrovac uses the power of pressurized water in the daylighting process, it can be used on virtually any project site and any type of soil. Whether you’re dealing with frozen ground in the winter, or you’re in a place that has more compact, clay-like soil, hydrovac technology can power through any type of ground. In this way, it’s the most versatile alternative to normal excavation and allows for projects to move forward regardless of the time of year.