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Five Considerations When Hiring a Hydro Excavation Company

There are several things to consider when hiring a hydro excavation company to help you on your next construction project. Hydro excavators are expected to be able to clear an area of dirt and debris using a quick, non-destructive method. However, the wrong choice in an excavation company can result in costly damages, delays, and other issues that can throw off even the easiest of construction projects.

To help you make the right choice, here are five of the most important considerations to keep in mind while you’re in the process of hiring a hydro excavation company.

Quality of Services and Equipment

An easy way to vet the quality of the services provided by a specific hydro excavation company is a quick glance through their online reviews. While reading, don’t just pay attention to the five-star reviews, be sure to click through a few of the bad ones, if there are any. It’s easy to write a fluffy, positive review for any company, and the lower rated reviews tend to be more honest and from real customers.

You can also call and ask about the kind of equipment the company uses. A well-equipped company will have several hydrovac trucks available for use at different projects, as well as their own hydrovac equipment such as the vacuum hookup and water tanks.


The overall process of hydro excavation is specifically designed to be quicker than other methods of excavation. While you’re inquiring with different companies, be sure to ask for a time quote. If the company can’t provide one, or it seems like it would take just as long to excavate with traditional equipment, those are immediate red flags.

Past Projects

Another good vetting process is to click through a hydro excavation company’s website to see their past projects. This should give you a scope and scale of the type of projects that company is used to handling, and you can decide for yourself if your project is too large for them to handle. This is a useful, time-saving step as you can eliminate certain companies before going through the process of calling and receiving a quote.

Safety Standards

This step may require some extra internet digging, however, it could save you from costly property and personnel damage. Searching for past reports of injuries or damages that occurred during a project a company was hired to do will help eliminate some choices. Of course, not all of these reports will be publicly available, so another good place to look would be the customer reviews.


The last consideration to keep in mind while hiring a hydro excavation company is the prices they offer and the services they offer at that price. A red flag to watch out for would be a significantly lower price compared to other quotes you have received. This could indicate that certain processes or services are not included in the quoted price, and therefore could result in future fees.