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Roles of a Hydro Excavation Contractor

Hydro excavation is becoming a more common practice on construction and private projects alike because of its safer, non-destructive method. Rather than using heavy excavation equipment with little control, hydro excavation uses one truck, pressurized water, and a vacuum. The pressurized water loosens and moves dirt and debris while the vacuum suctions away the slurry.

Every hydro excavation contractor is different and works differently, however, the applications and the roles they can be used for on projects are generally the same. Here is a closer look at the different jobs of a hydro excavation contractor and how they can help you on your next project.


Daylighting is the process of exposing underground utility lines to daylight. Contractors use the hydro excavation process to carefully dig around and expose water, gas, electricity, and other utility lines without accidentally striking and damaging them. These lines can then be treated, repaired, and avoided as the rest of the project continues construction,


Potholing requires precision, which explains why hydro excavation is your best option. Normally used for plumbing purposes or to dig holes to install municipal infrastructure like street lights, potholing by hydro vac gives each contractor control and precision. It can also be a faster process compared to traditional digging.

Waste Removal

Hydro Excavation contractors can use the hydro vac process in a variety of waste removal projects. Whether cleaning manholes, or removing debris from trenches, pits, and underground tanks, hydro excavation is the fastest process to remove waste and keep your project on schedule.


Hydro excavation contractors can be very useful in the process of trenching for any kind of utility line. Whether you need a shallow trench for electrical lines, or a deeper dig to install water pipelines, the precision and speed of hydro excavation will help you avoid damages and stay on track.

Hire a Hydro Excavation Contractor for Your Next Project

Clearly, the uses and benefits of hydro excavation make it the obvious choice for a variety of applications on your next construction project. Hire a hydro vac contractor to help you avoid excavation mistakes and damages and to help keep your project running smoothly and on schedule.