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Benefits & Advantages of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation has become one of the most popular excavation methods on construction projects everywhere. From small projects on private land, to large contracts in cities, vacuum excavation has a number of benefits and advantages that make it a great option for any excavation need.

Vacuum excavation is almost exactly like hydro excavation except for the water element. Hydro excavation requires the use of pressurized water to blast dirt and debris and a vacuum hose carries away the slurry. Vacuum excavation uses the same idea, just without the pressurized water. A high-powered suction hose carries loose dirt and debris into a holding tank and is carried away, all on the same piece of equipment.

Just like hydro excavation, vacuum excavation has its list of benefits that can make it the perfect option for your next excavation project.


Vacuum excavation is the most non-destructive form of excavation method making it perfect for utility locating projects. There is virtually no digging involved, and because water isn’t used to blast dirt loose, the dirt that is suctioned away can usually be used as backfill.

Harmful and damaging digging techniques can cause accidental strikes to utility lines and underground infrastructure. All of that can be avoided with vacuum excavation, however, keep in mind, vacuum excavation usually works best on dry soil, meaning projects involving frozen or hard packed ground might see more success with hydro excavation.

More Advanced

Compared to normal digging techniques, vacuum excavation is substantially more advanced making it a more effective solution. The high-powered vacuum hose can carry away more dirt and debris than traditional excavation equipment or hand dig, and the process is overall much quicker. Because the dirt can also be vacuumed, held, and carried away all in one vacuum truck, there is no need for extra equipment or manpower.

Cost Efficient

The more advanced technologies also make vacuum excavation more cost efficient. Less equipment and less manpower means a lower cost. Vacuum excavation’s non-destructiveness also eliminates the possibility of costly accidental line strikes. The efficiency of the overall process can also keep any project on schedule meaning contractors can stay on budget and don’t have to pay extra for extended rental periods.


As mentioned, vacuum excavation essentially only requires one piece of equipment. With less heavy machinery on a site, the odds of an on-site injury are much lower. A vacuum truck is also a far more gentler form of equipment and doesn’t pose as much of a threat to personnel or the environment.