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Why Choose Hydro Excavation for Trenching Projects

Hydro excavation is becoming the excavation method of choice more and more frequently on job sites everywhere. From private property to public land, contractors know there are benefits of choosing hydro excavation over other forms of excavation that will save them time, money, and stress.

Hydro excavation has several applications and can be used for several different purposes. If you find yourself tasked with a trenching project that requires narrow trenches in a tight space, here is why hydro excavation should be your method of choice.


Because hydro excavation uses pressurized water rather than bulky, metal claws like traditional excavation equipment, it’s a much more precise process that gives technicians better directional control. This can be particularly useful on job sites where there isn’t a lot of space to work, or on projects with several utility lines that need to be avoided.

Along with the precision of the pressurized water, the vacuum mechanism that vacuums away the soil and debris is more effective. Rather than transferring the excavated dirt to a dump truck to be hauled away, hydro excavation sucks the soil into a holding tank on the same truck that is providing the pressurized water to be neatly taken away in one compact unit.


As mentioned, hydro excavation requires less equipment meaning the entire process takes up far less space. A lot of small trenching projects involve laying electrical lines or water pipelines, sometimes along or under busy roads and highways. Traditional excavation, and the extra equipment it requires, can be a hazard and inconvenience for commuters, but, with hydro excavation, there is no need to block off a lane of traffic in order to fit the equipment onto the site.

Hydro excavation can also be used on virtually all types of ground and soil. This means it can be used year round, and excavation efforts don’t have to be paused because of frozen, solid ground, keeping schedules on track and projects on budget.


Hydro excavation uses pressurized water to blast dirt and debris loose to be carried away by a vacuum hose. This entire process is far less destructive than traditional excavation that requires heavy machinery. Hydro excavation is the best choice for trenching projects with strict boundaries and are to be completed with the least amount of disturbance to the surrounding environment as possible.

Hire Hydro Excavation Experts for Your Next Trenching Project

Trenching projects can be tricky to complete with traditional excavation equipment that is bulky and hard to control. Hydro excavation can make your next trenching project easier, more efficient, and won’t cause as much damage.