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Why You Should Choose A Vacuum Truck for Your Next Excavation Project

With different excavation methods, such as hydro and air, becoming more commonplace rather than traditional digging, vacuum trucks are becoming more popular on job sites that require heavy excavation. Traditional excavation methods are risky and costly. More man power is required to operate heavy machinery, and the odds of accidentally striking a utility line are high. Vacuum trucks, on the other hand, are lighter, easier to operate and control, cost-effective, and require much less manpower.

What Is A Vacuum Truck and Why Should You Use One?

Essentially, a vacuum truck is a giant vacuum loaded into the bed of a truck. Depending on the type of excavation, there may also be a water pump.

With a vacuum truck, hydro and air excavation methods can be used as safer, more precise forms of digging. Hydro excavation uses high pressure water to loosen and remove compacted soil and debris, and the vacuum lifts it away. Air excavation uses the same technique without the water.

There are several benefits to these forms of excavation, the biggest one being control. Hydro and air excavation are more accurate forms of digging, allowing excavators to pinpoint precise areas for excavation and avoid other areas that shouldn’t be damaged. This lowers the potential of accidently hitting utility lines with heavy machinery.

Other Benefits of Using a Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks can help you avoid injury and costly utility line strikes in your next excavation project, but there are other benefits to using them as well.

Less Manpower

Vacuum trucks require much less manpower to operate than other traditional excavation machinery. This is especially useful on smaller projects or on sites that are already crowded with other crews and equipment. A smaller excavation crew also means you save money, which brings us to our next benefit.


Compared to the bulky machinery that is normally used in excavation, vacuum trucks are smaller and more cost-effective. Again, you will be paying for a single piece of equipment compared to the several that would normally be used. And, with a lower risk of collateral damage to utility lines, you will be less likely to have to pay repair costs.


The last benefit to using a vacuum truck is ensuring the safety of your entire construction crew. Hydro and air excavation only require one vacuum truck and eliminate the needs for bulky, dangerous heavy machinery on crowded work sites.