Directional Drilling in Environmentally Sensitive Area near Walden, CO

Directional Drilling in Environmentally Sensitive Area - Kinetic Industry

Scope of Work

The Walden under river directional drilling project–about 30 miles outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado–required 40,000 pounds of pullback on an 817-foot pipe bore with 24-inch steel pipe, through 535 feet of solid rock, at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet.


The crew faced sub-zero temperatures and about eight inches of fresh snow on the ground. There were power lines on one side of the river and fiber optic lines on the other. And if that’s not enough, the jobsite was in a wetland area. The last crew in that area took five or six attempts to get under the same river, so we knew it was going to be a challenge.

Everything had to be set up outside of the wetland area per the permit so in order to get to the entry point, 282 feet of dead rod had to be drilled. And because of a highway and fencing, it wasn’t possible to set up in a straight line with the bore, so there had to be a curve in there as well.


With all the challenges the Kinetic team faced, they knew the hole had to be perfect. There couldn't be any twists and turns. It had to be perfectly straight, perfectly reamed and wide open. Since you can’t drill under that river more than once without risking a release, Kinetic had one shot to get it right.

Despite the harsh conditions, extreme challenges, and high pressure of this particular job, the Kinetic Underground crew finished the bore in just seven working days, well ahead of schedule.