Kosher Railcar Cleaning

Kosher Railcar Cleaning - Kinetic Industry

Our client owns their own railcars, but with the increase in demand for Kosher foods they also lease additional cars to meet their workload. They recently leased 118 railcars that had not been in Kosher service, which means they had been carrying non-kosher or uncertified goods. These cars needed to go through a Kosher upgrade wash before they will be deemed “Kosher”, allowing them to transport Kosher products.

Scope of Work

According to Kosher rules, rail cars must be cleaned to strict kosher upgrade wash standards. Kinetic has technicians who have been trained and certified in various cleaning applications. Depending on the product being cleaned, there are specific skillsets required given each application. For example, a train car filled with wheat, will require a much different cleaning process than a train car filled with Molasses.


The common practice for railcar cleaning is to transport empty cars to a railcar cleaning facility and wait weeks to get them back before they can be used. This can be very challenging because there are not many facilities in the US that can perform a Kosher upgrade wash on railcars. This was not an option for our client. Mobile railcar cleaning is the only way this project could be completed in a quick manner, and it could be completed at our Client’s facilities.

Mobile Railcar Cleaning Crew - Kinetic Industry

Kinetic has an expertise in Kosher cleaning and educates clients with the processes required for Kosher Certification thus allowing the client to use them to haul kosher commodities.


The railcars arrived on the customer’s site in groups of 10-20. Our teams responded right away cleaning between 3 and 6 cars per day to Kosher standards. The railcars were inspected, meeting Kosher standards, and Kosher certification was issued verifying that our client’s railcars are able to transport Kosher foods.

Kinetic’s flexibility to have a team onsite as needed with experience cleaning railcars to kosher standards was critical to the success of this project. Another key element is our partnership with local synagogues that have the ability to provide Kosher certification.