Post Tension Cables Located Inside Concrete Slab on Grade in Littleton, CO

Post Tension Cables Located Inside Concrete Slab on Grade - Kinetic Industry

Scope of Work

The scope on this project was to locate reinforcement (Post-Tensioned Cables), electrical conduit, and other hazards with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and an Electromagnetic (EM) Pipe Locator.

Dig Boss contacted Kinetic Industry to locate hazards prior to repairing a broken plumbing pipe. All findings were to be marked in tape, measured from existing features, and photographed for future use. The client is to use our findings to safely chip and remove the concrete in order to gain access to the broken pipe.


The concrete at this apartment building showed multiple indicators that there was potentially separation from the bottom of the slab and the grade below. There were large cracks and signs of settling near the requested area.

Where the pipe had broken was just below a dividing wall between an apartment and the breezeway. Kinetic would need access inside the apartment to scan the ground and locate hazards prior to digging.


Kinetic was able to scan the requested area to mark out all reinforcement (PT Cables), electrical conduit, and a potential void using GPR, and a EM Pipe Locator.

While scanning the concrete we were also able to identify the perimeter of a potential void below the concrete and approximate edges of a footer. This void seemed to follow the direction of the broken pipe.

Kinetic was able to communicate all findings with the client to help them develop a strategy to safely repair the broken plumbing pipe.