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Detect and map out private utility lines before you excavate.

Private Utility Locating

If you dig on your property without locating utility lines first, you may damage water, gas, electrical, communications, or sewer lines.

Digging blind is risky because you are liable for any utility outages, severe injuries, or expensive repairs caused by a strike. If you are a company or contractor, you may also face legal action in the form of citations and fines. Kinetic Locating can detect and map out private utility lines before you excavate. It is a necessary step in protecting your business, your project, and above all, your people.

Call 811 First

811 One Call is a great service but does not give you the complete picture. Generally speaking, 811 mark-outs will only identify public utility lines–those that are owned and maintained by utility companies.

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In addition to 811, commercial and residential construction projects require a private utility locator to find and map underground electrical lines, gas pipes, and other utility lines. The good news is you can get reliable utility locator services 24/7, available with just a quick phone call.

About Our Private Utility Locating Services

Our professional private utility locators do not rely on maps because they are notoriously inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete. Our technicians use specialized tools to analyze your jobsite and properly mark and map out all underground utility lines and structures so you can dig with confidence.