Subsurface Underground Engineering (SUE) - Kinetic Industry

Minimize schedule delays and budget increases.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Locating (SUE)

Unnecessary delays caused by cutting, damaging, or unexpected discovery of underground utilities have long been a problem for public works construction projects.

Improving infrastructure and expanding community resources for an ever increasing population means that many municipalities are finding it necessary to upgrade and/or relocate their existing utilities. SUE Locating minimizes scheduling delays and budget increases caused by utility relocations before construction and running into unexpected utilities during construction.

Safety is also enhanced when SUE Locating is part of the construction process. Mechanical dirt work can be shifted away from existing utilities so there is less possibility of personal injury, property damage, and environmental spills.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Locating adds value, quality, and accountability to any project. It is a good fit for building construction, airport, railroad, military, sanitation, and any other public works project where underground utilities may be encountered. It can also be used for environmental purposes, such as detecting and mapping underground storage tanks, septic fields, and contaminants.

SUE Locating Services:
Quality Level A Daylighting and potholing utilities. Hydrovac excavating test holes.
Quality Level B The electronic designation of utilities using electro-magnetic utility locating gear and advanced geophysical means such ground penetrating radar.
Quality Level D Maps and records research.