Wichita Kansas Hydrovac Services - Kinetic Industry

Hydrovac Services Company in Wichita Kansas

Kinetic Industry is a hydro excavating contractor located in Wichita, Kansas. Non-destructive digging with hydrovacs is safer, faster, and more precise than excavating with heavy machinery or by hand.

Rapid Response Times — 24/7 Availability

Our Kansas hydrovac location services the energy, underground utilities, and public works industries.

Service Area
Kansas City
Western Kansas
Hydrovac Services
Daylighting Underground Infrastructure
Electrical Substation Work
Electrical Pole Hole Replacement
Slot Trenching
Sub-surface Pot Holing
Exposure of Live Gas Lines
Utility, Pipe, and Line Location
Utility, Pipe, and Line Installation
Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation
Cleaning Mainline and Lateral Pipelines
Excavation in Frozen Ground
Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup
Remote Excavation (up to 500' away)